Our mission is:

  • Risk Management

    Help traders stop losing their deposits and make a correct decision of working strategy

  • Working Trading Strategies

    Research several working trading strategies developed in our practice

  • Psychology of the Cryptocurrency Market

    Help You to understand the psychology of the cryptocurrency market. Help Find your place in this market and understand how to make money on it


You will learn how to independently analyze any tool without resorting to forecasts or signals

Material in an understandable form

We didn’t find the course that would be ideal for us, so we decided that there are people with the same problem. And we decided to create our own course based on our knowledge and practice we had last years.

  • Answer the general questions and problems that arise for everyone

  • Show how to stop losing money and make a correct trade decision

  • Show You how trading terminals make the trader's life easier and how to find the best point to enter a position

Share our best practices

  • Indicators

    We want to show you not a huge variety of Indicators, but only those that affect on making a decision

  • Pattern and Figures

    We want to show you not just the figures on the graph, but only those that are important for trading and understanding what the figures are and where they come from

  • Strategies

    We want to share our working strategies that we use every day and which have paid off and bring a good plus to the deposit

All material is based on practical work. We successfully apply all strategies and techniques every day in our trading

We are pleased to share the information that we have gathered and hope that our experience and our strategies will help answer your questions that you had about trading, and we also hope that you can learn something useful from our course and apply it in your trading